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3 New Ways to Use Appliance Pulls

The Multiple Uses of Appliance Pulls Appliance pulls are known for being longer and stronger than standard cabinet hardware. Their extended length makes them ideal for opening the doors of appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers that are often thicker and heavier than standard cabinet doors. However, in today's day and age, appliance handles can be used for so much more than opening appliances- they can be used to create a fabulously modern look for any space. Here's how:

  1. Spruce up closet doors with appliance handles. - Sure, small cabinet handles can open a tall closet door. But if you have oversize closet doors, you can make them look sophisticated by installing appliance handles down the length of the door. Appliance pulls on very tall closet doors make it comfortable for people of different heights to open the closet door, while creating a sleek style statement that is ideal for coat closets, toy closets and anything in between.
  2. Use appliance pulls for kitchen cabinetry. - In the past, it was quite popular to install kitchen cabinetry that did not require cabinet handles or knobs. This look was considered neat and clean- and it is certainly uncluttered. But it's never too late to add cabinet hardware, and adding long appliance pulls instead of smaller cabinet handles will create a look that is sure to get noticed. Oversize handles placed on standard size cabinetry creates a striking, contemporary look, even when applied to outdated cabinetry.
  3. Utilize appliance handles in place of towel bars. - I admit that this idea is a bit radical, but since I've seen it in practice, I've been a strong advocate of this unique interior design idea. One thing that most kitchens and bathrooms lack is sufficient space for dish and hand towels. Using appliance handles as tile towel racks is a creative and tasteful way to create more storage room for your towels, and to decorate the room when the appliance pulls are not being used. Find an appliance pull that matches your existing cabinet hardware and install it onto the edge of your cabinetry or the side of your island that was otherwise underutilized space. Alternatively, if you have a fake-front drawer under your sink, consider installing an appliance pull instead of a drawer pulls, so that you can hang your towels directly under your sink. You'll love the look of this oversized appliance pull in your kitchen, and you'll appreciate the functionality as well.

Now that you've figured out exactly where to put the appliance pull you've fallen in love with, what are you waiting for?! Stop reading this article, and get started on creating the look of your dreams. And of course, don't forget to send pictures of your latest renovation project to [email protected]. The best pictures will be featured in our upcoming how to articles.

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