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4 Do It Yourself Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Are you tired of your kitchen decor and looking for a few quick suggestions? Perhaps you don't have the time or money for a large kitchen renovation, but you'd like to give the space a face-lift? These four do it yourself kitchen decorating ideas can help virtually anyone to transform the kitchen space. What's more - these kitchen decor suggestions require only a minimal amount of shopping time and a budget that most people can afford.

Redecorate with Pewter

Pewter is a fantastic metal for kitchen decor. It is incredibly durable and easy to clean, while costing a fraction of what silver would cost. Pewter products are lead-free and safe for kitchen use. They remain shiny and decorative even with years of use, and actually become even more striking through handling. You can instantly change your kitchen decor buy purchasing pewter appliance pulls, cabinet pulls and other pewter hardware. Create a unifying look in the kitchen with these shiny hardware pieces in a silver hue and enjoy the dressy look that they provide. For added emphasis, enjoy pewter vases, pewter mirrors, and pewter kitchen accessories as well.

Appliance Pull in Chrome Appliance Handle in Pewter

Country Kitchen Decor

While the pewter appliance pull and other hardware often create a modern look in the kitchen, another, very different idea is to achieve a country kitchen decor. The country kitchen decor is easy to achieve with paint colors, furniture choices and accessories. Enjoy earth tones in the country kitchen, including browns and tans. Add extra color highlights with green, red, purple and blue. Patterned wallpaper with a country print or window valances with a country feel are also great ideas. Purchase a wooden baker's cabinet or another country storage cabinet. You may also want to purchase a few rustic baskets, a rocking chair, or a picnic table. Hang a woven quilt on one wall and enjoy some colorful pottery on the kitchen table.

Rooster Kitchen Decor

Rooster kitchen decor is one extremely popular design idea. The rooster has become synonymous with the kitchen and decor of this sort adds a cozy look to the kitchen space. Kitchen decorating ideas with a rooster theme are incredibly easy to accomplish. Enjoy dish towels, pot holders, trivets, table cloths, and furniture with rooster themes on them. Paint the kitchen in hues of red and yellow to highlight the rooster theme. The rooster is often associated with the French country kitchen theme. Therefore, enjoy wall hangings of the French countryside or pictures with bright colors and lovely landscapes. Start a rooster figurine collection as part of the decorations on a wood standing cabinet, and find rooster cookie jars, bowels and more.

Art Deco Kitchen Decor

Bring your kitchen back to the 1920s by creating an art deco kitchen decor. Use black and green throughout the kitchen space for the art deco look. Purchase kitchen furniture which uses geometric styles with chrome and black. Enjoy vintage drapes on the windows, or pull the black, green and white color choices into some fun blinds or window treatments. Change the cabinet hardware to reflect the art deco look, enjoying nickel or chrome cabinet hardware and appliance handles with a hip, retro look. Hang a few art deco posters or advertisements with simple black frames. Light up the room with overhead lighting that uses silver colors and geometric glass shades.

Using any of these kitchen decorating ideas will transform the space quickly, easily and affordably. Before you begin your kitchen decor changes, make sure you have a mental image of what you want the kitchen space to look like when you finish. Then, consider how much money you have to spend towards this goal. Armed with these considerations, you'll have fun using these kitchen decor ideas to create a completely new look!

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