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Frequently Asked Questions: Appliance Pulls

Here, you’ll find answers to the most common questions asked of our sales and support staff about appliance pulls.  Get answers to your appliance pull questions today!

What is the difference between appliance pulls and regular cabinet pulls?

To the untrained eye, appliance pulls simply look like oversized regular cabinet pulls.  The advantage of using appliance pulls for your appliances and for other uses is that they have a generous size and a thicker design.  This means that they are sturdy enough to open large cabinet doors and drawers, and strong enough for the heaviest of appliance doors.

How long will I need to wait for my appliance pulls to ship?

We usually have 95% of our appliance pulls and other items in stock.  It takes one day to process the order and approximately four days to ship it to you.  If any items are backordered, we will ship what we can and then send the rest when we get them from the manufacturer in approximately 7-10 business days.  Should you receive multiple shipments as a result of backorders, there will be no additional shipping charge for you.  For expedited shipping, please call our customer service center at 800-530-TAIL(8245) so that we may assist you. 

How will my appliance pulls be shipped?

All appliance pull orders with over four items will be shipped using UPS, FedEx Ground Shipping or USPS Priority Mail.  Small packages which contain three or less appliance pulls are shipped USPS mail.  In the continental U.S., orders over $100 receive free shipping, while orders under $100 ship for only $7.50.

I live in Canada. Can I pay for my order in Canadian dollars?

All orders from must be paid for with U.S. Dollars. At this time, we do not ship to Canada.

Are screws included with my refrigerator pulls?

Appliance pulls do come with screws for a standard installation with a 3/4" front.  Unfortunately, we are not able to supply any additional screws or alternate sizes for appliance pulls.  If needed, they can be found at any hardware store or home center.  If you do need to go to the hardware store, you should know that the store won’t be able to tell you what size screw you need simply by giving them the part number.  You’ll need to take the appliance pull with you to a hardware store or home center to match the screw size if you need an additional length screw.

What is the benefit/drawback of buying appliance pulls with standard drill centers?

The installation of the appliance pulls is the same whether you are using standard drill centers or nonstandard measurements.  The question is really one for replacement appliance pulls. If you are replacing current hardware, then you’ll certainly want to buy replacement appliance pulls with the same drill center.  This will make your installation much easier.  If you are installing new hardware, but want to make sure that you leave yourself with the most options for future hardware changes, then it’s a benefit to select standard size drill centers.  This will afford you the most options should you look to replace the appliance pulls in the future. 

What else must be purchased to complete my kitchen?

Certainly, you’ll want to consider the cabinet knobs and pulls that you’d like to have along with your appliance pulls.  Creating a matching look ensures an overall feeling of unity in the kitchen space. 

In addition, consider purchasing products that can help you to keep organized in the kitchen.  Once you’ve chosen your appliance pulls, you might want to consider what Lazy Susans, pantry shelving, appliance lifts, towel bars and more you’d like to help you keep your cabinets and drawers organized and tidy.

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